The highest quality, most effective and sustainable mud mask worldwide.

Made in Germany

97% Original Dead Sea Mud

100% Free from cruelty

100% Vegan

No Microplastics

No Mineral Oils

No Parabens

Easy Application & Removal

Unobstructive natural fragrance from essential oils only

Suitable for all Skin Types


Sustainable & Recyclable

The Power of the Dead Sea Mineral Mud

With its mineral content of more than 30%, the Dead Sea contains ten times more minerals than any other seawater in the world. Since ancient times, it has been known as a natural healing place for skin diseases.
Dead Sea Mud nourishes the skin with the highest content of concentrated minerals available on earth. Potassium & magnesium in the mud work to reduce inflammation and balance the skin, while the sea salt in the mud works to refine pores. The salt contained has been proven to bind toxins and thus prevent pimples and blackheads.

Activated Charcoal and Vitamin C 

Activated charcoal acts as a deep purifier for the skin and serves to rid the skin of pollutants caused by environmental influences, oil and sebum.
Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis to enable the formation of stable collagen fibres. Vitamin C is known for its brightening effect and thus prevents scars and creates a "glow" factor.


Exfoliation of the skin with Dead Sea mud and activated charcoal

Softer and smoother skin through Dead Sea mud

Finer pores through deep cleansing of the skin

Nourishes the skin with minerals

Reduces and regulates the accumulation of oil on the skin with regular use

Dead Sea mud nourishes with the highest natural mineral density in the world

Dead Sea Mud is known to be a natural remedy for improving acne

Moisturises and repairs stressed skin

Vitamin C supports natural collagen formation