The Way We Think & Create

PURA MARE was founded with the aim of creating effective, sustainable and high-quality natural cosmetics without compromise. We describe ourselves as holistic, as we consider all elements from creation to long-term effects on people and the environment.

Innovative approaches such as unique combinations of active ingredients and packaging concepts play just as important a role as the quality and origin of the ingredients used. We check every ingredient down to its source.

Holistic Skin Care Formulas

When developing new products, we see distributors as well as professional and private users as sparring partners and aim to create progress in holistic skin care formulas together with them.

As a company, we have set out from the beginning to work as paperless as possible and free of chemical products as well as plastics. We continue to tackle new challenges with a network of leading experts in the dermatology, beauty salon, packaging and raw material sectors.

Primary Source of Raw Materials

While our head office is in Dublin, Ireland, our production is in Germany. We know each raw material supplier personally, and through our founder we have a particularly close relationship with the primary source of raw materials, the Dead Sea in Jordan.